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Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Discover your love's perfect diamond ring from our dazzling selection of top brands and diamond cuts from both Canada and abroad. Shop our Vermilion store for the latest wedding band styles for both men and women.

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Bracelets & Necklaces

Pick from among our many rare finds and fabulous brands to find the right piece to adorn your wrist or neck. Vermilion Jewellers carries a broad selection of jewellery — including gold, silver, and earrings — for everyday use and special occasions alike.

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Watches & Clocks

Browse our impressive selection of men and women’s watches, timepieces, and clocks. We have watches that are versatile and can be worn on any occasion — dressed up or down. Timepieces are perfect gifts for the holidays or birthdays.

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We Make People Happy

At Vermilion Jewellers, our special custom-designed ring program is unique and helps to distinguish us from other jewellers in the area. You’re able to sit down with our staff and create a model of a ring to fit your preferences in style, color, fit, and stone cut on our online platform.

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About Us

Longtime citizens of Vermilion, both owner Rita Elliot and manager Donna Kiziak are very active in community events, volunteering their time to various causes related to serving and advancing the community’s interests.

Merchandise Selection

Vermilion Jewellers has an edge over other jewellery retailers in that it offers such a wide range of high-quality pieces, from necklaces to rings and watches — and even in-vogue, high-end handbags!

Canadian Designers

We are excited to be able to bring you fine products from a number of Canadian designers, including spectacular jewellery designed by Myka and Karly Smith, popular, versatile leather purses by Derek Alexander, and chic handbags by Co-Lab.

Whatever Makes You Special

Ring designs come in a wide variety of inspirations. Choose ones that pander to your sophisticated sense of style. If there isn’t one around that perfectly matches what you’re looking for, have one customized.

Great to be Local

With more than 36 years experience, let Rita, Donna, or Dianne help your find that special piece that you need to make your life beautiful.

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