Choose a ring that is just as perfect as your love

from our huge inventory of latest styles, diamonds,

semi-precious stones, modern metals and more.

Looking for something particular?

Vermilion Jewellers has the perfect style for every budget!

We carry a range of brands, including some favourites like:

Diamond Engagement Ring
Showing Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Noam Carver
  • Canadian Diamonds
  • Dancing Diamond
  • Twinkle Diamonds

Does your love remind you of a favorite song?

A place?

What is your signature colour?

Chances are that a favorite memory is associated with your love – turn that memory into a custom designed ring as unique as your love!

Noam Carver 3 Engagement Rings

Feel Confident Purchasing From Us

Vermilion Jewellers is proud to be a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association. We vow to uphold the Association’s values and ethics. You can feel confident and satisfied purchasing your engagement ring from us, getting the best quality ring at the fairest price.

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How to Contact Us

If you are interested in purchasing your bride-to-be’s engagement ring from Vermilion Jewellers and have questions, please give us a call at 780-853- 5895  today!