Hillberg & Berk

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Canadian made – Hillberg & Berk – the Sparkle Collection™

Will allow you to truly sparkle from the inside out! Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Balls™ are made with hand-set crystals in a clay base. Each piece is unique and beautiful!

Sparkle Ball™ Stud Earrings

Sparkle Ball™ Stud Earrings

Sparkle Ball™ Pendant

Bridal Collection

Make one of the most important days of your life Sparkle!

You’ve got the perfect dress, now put the finishing touches on with

Hillberg & Berk™ Earrings & Pendants from our Bridal Collection!

Sparkles never fade, but styles change. Vermilion Jewellers carry a large selection of non-current and discontinued styles of earrings and necklaces – allowing you showcase your individual style!

Hillberg & Berk™ Pendants