Don’t Fit the Mold? Custom-Design Your Ring

Sometimes we want something so unique and special that there’s no pre-made ring out there that can best reflect you or your partner’s true nature.

In this circumstance, we offer our customer-designed rings, which you create in-store on our online program.  Bring your ideas, photos, sketches, let us help you with the rest!

This online platform allows you to find your right:

  • Style

  • Color

  • Fit

  • Diamond type
  • Diamond carat
  • Diamond cut
  • And more …
Custom Ring
diamond ring - differential focus

These specifications will ensure your ring matches your or your partner’s true personality. Our experienced technician creates a 3-D rendition of the ring for you to perfect according to your preferences. When you are happy with what we’ve built on the program, we’ll send the design specifications off to have your ring made in as little time as possible.

You also can design your own gemstone online and pick up in-store as well.

Diamond in the Rough

Vermilion Jewellers is itself a unique enterprise. Its current owner and manager started the store with the intent of filling the need for a jewellery store in the local economy. Besides traditional high-end international designers, Vermilion Jewellers is proud to provide a number of products designed by Canadian designers, including jewellery and leather handbags.

To Get In Touch

If you would like to design your own ring and want more information about the process, please stop by our store for a demonstration, or give us a call at 780-853-5895, and we can answer any questions you have. We look forward to helping your unique style glisten soon!